We all knew it was inevitable for rates to increase and loan applications to decrease; as such the industry can no longer just look to the low hanging fruit to get fed. Credit restoration must be a major consideration, as every lead has instantly received an exponential increase in value. Who to turn to? Us? Why? Because we have been around for what seems like donkey’s years and based on the owner’s grey beard, bald head, and box of Depend its likely true. Because we have enrolled and closed loans for umpteen thousands of clients. Because we pay our specialists to close loans for our mortgage professionals as there is an obvious connection between that and receiving more referrals. Because to work here our specialists must go through many intensive credit examinations and trainings including: scoring model algorithm manipulation and mortgage loan readiness preparation. Or simply because we badger you relentlessly to get that final referral on over before you pack it in for the day.

I could type reasons why you should use us until my fingers fell off, but maybe you are the kind of person that doesn’t want to take my word for it, which is completely understandable. Here is what others have to say about us, if you care about that kind of thing:

We threw Lexington in there as they are the other mega giant in the industry, although their focus is online lead generation vs our closing loans for mortgage professionals. Anyway, we just broke over a 1000 reviews with a 96% customer satisfaction rating which we are very proud of. I hope this increases your level of confidence because every lead you have regardless of score has a tremendous value to you and therefore me. Please call (800) 580-3914 for a free credit consultation, and if you mention you read this tip we will knock $100 of our enrollment of $189.