Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients with their in-house corporate law needs. Traditionally, Corporate Law is divided into four categories.


Our team of on site experts assist our clients draft and review documents from outside third parties. Because of this, we are oftentimes found at the negotiation table well before the first draft of a contract.


There exists an intricate web of interlocking federal and state employment laws that directly impact our corporate clients. We help our clients to understand these laws and adapt them to their ongoing hiring, training, operations, and terminations.


Most companies face a large array of state and federal laws and regulations. Unfortunately, and especially with smaller companies, the job of “Compliance Officer” falls on the shoulders of the owner or the person who drew the short straw. We create, implement, manage, and audit corporate compliance programs and, in general, show companies how vitally important compliance is to their company.


Our litigation attorneys have achieved the status of “Master Advocate” by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy; the highest honor awarded by the world’s leading trial institute. With decades of experience in both federal and state courts, our corporate litigation counsel successfully handle mediations, pre-case workups, drafting and filing of initial pleadings, motions practice, and discovery.

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