If we are all being honest, what is the number one reason why we choose to fix people’s credit? It started because 15 years ago the two owners of this great company were renting/cleaning cars at Enterprise rent-a-car and that really didn’t seem like a glorious career to them and certainly didn’t seem financially rewarding. Still though, why fix people’s credit? The margins are microscopic and generally everybody seems angry to begin with because they have just been denied a loan and strongly disagree with why. Then you have the ridiculous regulations in our industry, where there is probably less red tape to shoot off nuclear bombs than there is to assist people with their scores, which is why only a handful of companies are operating legally with many more tarnishing the industry.

So, what gives? As we tell every interviewee coming in, we possibly have the best investment opportunity at our finger tips that is actually obtainable for people. 90% of people that become millionaires do it through real estate. 50 years ago, the median home price was $20,000, today its $320,000, and assuming the same rate of inflation 50 years from now the median home price will be $4.6 million. One can’t guarantee much in life, but we can guarantee inflation over time and along with it, certain asset appreciations, like a home. It has always occurred over an extended period of time and it always will. We can also guarantee you that your creditors will continue to charge you more for the same thing as long as your scores are lower than the best out there. We have an obligation to the best of our abilities to get as many clients into homes as possible. Please call 1-800-580-3914 to get credit assistance for your own home or to at least deny your creditors from charging you more for the same thing.